Get a Free Web Hosting Plan with 100 GB Disk Space

by Joe is an internet site where visitors can find both paid and free website hosting plans. Similar to many other web hosts, Bammz try to cater to customers with different requirements. That is why they offer two hosting plans. These plans have different fee schedule and hosting features. For instance, the free hosting plan comes with 100 GB disk space and 200 GB monthly bandwidth; whereas, the paid hosting plan has 200 GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth. The former plan is for people who have just started with building websites, and the latter plan is for people who need more web resources.

Ok, if you are interested in their free hosting plan, please continue reading. Below you will find out the major features offered in this plan. We will list them out by answering several questions below.

What do we need to do in order to get a free hosting account on Bammz?
In order to successfully register and active a Bammz free hosting account, you have to complete the required survey. During the survey completion process, you have to provide your details and follow all the instructions. Only after completely finishing the survey will you get their account activated. For those who have started the survey but not finished or finished without following the instructions, the free hosting accounts will not be available. Survey income is a revenue source for Bammz. They use surveys instead of advertising to sponsor their free service. With survey income, they are able to serve the free hosting service with no ads. If you want to enjoy the opportunity presented to you by Bammz, you have to follow their rules carefully.

What are the advantages of this plan?
Bammz’s free site hosting plan gives 100 GB web space and 200 GB bandwidth. These are good features obviously. They do not beat those plans offering unlimited space and bandwidth; however, they are way better than most other free service plans offering MB level space and single digit GB level bandwidth. In addition, it is a service without ads. As mentioned above, they don’t use advertisements to sponsor their service. So, they will not ad banner ads or popups on users’ sites.

What are the disadvantages of this plan?
Similar to many other free plans, this plan also has limited features. For instance, if you are a Microsoft Frontpage user, FrontPage Extensions will be a crucial internet hosting function for you. However, FrontPage Extensions is not supported at Bammz. Also if you need Cron jobs support, you may also be disappointed with this plan since it is not supported either. Lastly, if you need a web hosting plan with full email service and automated backups, this plan does not fit your requirements.

bammz.comKey features of the free website hosting plan offered on
Web storage space: 100 GB
Bandwidth: 200 GB
Forced ads: no
Survey completion: required
Cron jobs: no
Ms Frontpage Extension: no
Support: forum

In conclusion, provides an opportunity for webmasters to get free webhosting service by completing surveys. If you don’t mind spending some time finishing a survey, this free site hosting plan might be right for you.

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Although you might eventually make a final decision based on your own preferences, there is no harm in considering the ideas of others by checking out reviews.

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