Get Your Free Web Hosting Package with PHP and MySQL Support

by Joe is a website owned and operated by ServeNets, a Belgium-based company. On Xtreemhost, ServeNets provides both free and paid web hosting service plans. Their free web hosting service is not sponsored by advertising.


There might be a lot of reasons why people like the free web hosting plan offered at Xtreemhost.

Firstly, their webspace and bandwidth offers are pretty generous. You will get 2.5 GB of disk space and 100 GB of monthly bandwidth. It is nice, because these hosting capacities should be more than enough for a personal website. However, if you want to build an ecommerce site of a decent size, you may need a little bit bigger disk space on your hosting package.

Secondly, they offer FTP access. You will get 1 FTP account so that you can use FTP to manage files on your site. File management with FTP is a plus for website hosting plans.

Thirdly, their free hosting plan is not supported by advertisements. Ad-free is always a good feature we like to see on a free service.

Fourthly, the plan supports PHP and MySQL database. These features are necessary for people who want to build a website based on these technologies. For instance, if you want to make a blog website with WordPress, you will need a web hosting plan with PHP/MySQL support.

Key features of the free web hosting plan at

Web storage space: 2.5 GB

Bandwidth: 100 GB per month

MySQL database: 1 (up to 50 MB)

PHP support: yes

FTP account: 1

Individual file size: up to 4 MB

Domains: 1 add-on domain, 1 parked domain

Script installer: yes (support up to 30 scripts)

Email service: no

Audio/Video streaming: not allowed

cURL and Sockets: yes

Python: no

Control panel: VistaPanel

Customer support: forum, email

Everything has two sides. Then, what are the downsides of the Xtreemhost free website hosting plan?

xtreemhost_comFirstly, it doesn’t have email services. It doesn’t support POP mail, webmail or SMTP.

Secondly, it has a limit for the size of files that can be uploaded on to their server. You cannot upload files larger than 4 MB. If you want to host huge files on your website, this plan is not for you.

Thirdly, it doesn’t support Python. If you need to use Python on your site, you should look somewhere else or consider purchasing their premium plan.

Fourthly, Xtreemhost provides customer support in a variety of forms including forum, live chat, email, online knowledge base and support ticket system. However, not all of these types of support are available to users for their free service. As a free user, you may not get live chat or ticket support since they are only for clients of their paid services.

The bottom-line:

If you want to get yourself a website hosting plan with PHP and MySQL database support to make a free website, you may want to learn more about the Xtreemhost free webhosting service.

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