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by Joe is a website where you can find 5 web site hosting packages including Business, Professional, Personal, Starter and Free hosting. Except the free hosting package, all the other packages are fee-based. If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, you can check out the free package, which is a completely zero-cost offer since they don’t charge a setup fee either.

Key features of the free web hosting package at
Disk space: 50 MB
Bandwidth: 1 GB per month
Individual file size: maximally 250 KB
Forced ads: yes
Email accounts: 3
Free website builder: 1
FTP accounts: no
Wordpress support: no
PHP: no
MySQL database: no
Perl: no
Customer support: online help and FAQ

The free website hosting plan offered at is a very basic hosting plan. It only gives you up to 50 MB disk space for storage and 1 GB monthly bandwidth for online data transfer. If you want to host a website with a decent size and web traffic, these hosting capacities may be not enough. It only allows you to upload files with a size smaller than 250 KB. If you intend to host large files on your website, this service plan may not be suitable for you.

This 50megs free webhosting plan doesn’t support FTP access. Therefore, you cannot upload/download and manage large files on your website using FTP applications.

50megs_comThis 50megs plan doesn’t support MySQL database or PHP. This means it is not possible to use this service to host a WordPress site, since WordPress requires PHP and MySQL support on your hosting plan.

The 50megs free plan is supported by advertising. They may show their advertising banners or pop-up ads on your 50megs website. So don’t be surprised if you see some unknown ads on your site. As you may already know, “forced ads” is a common short-coming of free web hosting services. But there are several free website hosting plans without forced ads. If you like, you can check them out.

One good feature about this webhosting plan is that it offers email support. You can get up to 3 email accounts on your custom domain with email spam and virus protection, along with large inboxes and calendars. With this service, you can access your email 24/7 and stay in touch with your friends, business partners and the like.

The users of this website hosting package at can only get help from their online help and FAQ section. They don’t offer phone support for free users and their phone support is only available for paying customers who have subscribed to their paid web hosting packages.

If you are familiar with the free plan at, you may find these two plans have the exact same hosting features. This is not surprising since these two websites are owned by the same company: United Online, Inc..

The bottom-line:
If you are looking for a free web hosting with email support and a free website builder, you may like the one available at

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