Get a Free Web Hosting Package with 1GB Bandwidth

by Joe is a website where you can find a free website hosting package. On the same site, you can also sign up for a free email account. This website was founded in 2000 and it is currently under the management of, a company based in India.

Below you will see what the key features of the free website hosting package available on 2itb are. By knowing the information, you will tell whether it is a service you are looking for.

The plan comes with 50 MB disk space. In terms of storage space, 50 MB is definitely a small number, but it is better than nothing, considering that it is free. How much data can you host with 50 MB of web space? Let’s do the math. If you want to host photos on your site and the size of each photo is approximately 400 KB, 50 MB web space is only enough to host around 120-130 photos. However, with the same amount of hosting space, you can build a website with more pages if your site mainly contains text content. That is because text files are much smaller in size.

The plan gives your site 1 GB of bandwidth per month. Is this amount of monthly data transfer sufficient for your website? It depends on your website’s web traffic. If your website turns out to be extremely popular, 1 GB bandwidth may not be enough. If that happens, your site visitors will have difficulties accessing your web site.

The 2itb free site hosting plan also comes with a free website builder which can help webmasters create websites easily and quickly. But it is not the only way to make a site with their service. If you prefer, you can make your web site using any other software on your computer and then upload the pre-built site onto their web server using the online file manager.

2itb_comA free sub-domain is offered with this service. You can choose the sub-domain name and it is on If you use the sub-domain option to create a site, you are eligible to submit it to 2itb’s web directory. As you know, a web directory submission is a way for website promotion.

At the 2itb site, you can also get a free email account. The size of the email is 25 MB and it is web-based system so that you can check your emails online from everywhere.

This 2itb’s free web hosting service is sponsored by advertisements. So it means they will put some ads on free sites hosted on their servers.

The 2itb’s free hosting plan is powered by Community Architect. If you want to learn more information about their services, please visit their website.

In conclusion, if you want to know how to get a free website hosting plan to make a small website, you may like to pay a visit to

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