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by Joe is a web site where you can find a free web hosting package. They also offer 3 paid webhosting packages including Bronze, Silver and Gold on the same site. After signing up with the free plan, you have no obligation to upgrade to their paid hosting packages.

Let’s take a look of the pros of the 0catch free webhosting package.

This hosting plan supports FTP access. If you have never heard of this term or never used it, you may not know what FTP is. File transfer protocol is the full name for FTP. It is a technique to move data files from your local personal computer to the web server, or vice versa. Using this method, you can easily upload, organize and remove the files on the web server. That is why many people prefer web hosts offering FTP access.

This 0catch website hosting plan is advertising-free. Showing forced ads on users’ websites is one of the ways how free web hosting service providers make money. You can easily find that many free webhosting services are backed by advertising. This means that the company will add banner ads or pop-up ads on the web sites of the clients of their free website hosting plan. But this will not happen on your site hosted with the 0catch’s plan.

0catch provides technical support to the users of their free plan through email. Although it is not so good as a phone support or live chat support, it is much better than no support at all.

0catch_comMain features of the free website hosting package at
Web storage space: 100 MB
Monthly data transfer: 1.2 GB
Daily data transfer: 40 MB
Individual file size: up to 1 MB
Email: no
FTP access: yes
Forced ads: no
MS Frontpage extension: no
Scripting languages: no PHP, no Perl, no Python
Customer support: email

What are the cons of the 0catch free webhosting package?
The free plan comes with very limited features. It only gives you 100 MB disk space for your website’s storage. It only allows you to use up to 1.2 GB monthly bandwidth, and it also requires you not to use more than 40 MB daily bandwidth. This bandwidth usage requirement is quite stringent. This means whenever there is a web traffic surge on your site, you may end up with bandwidth over-usage and your website may be inaccessible as a result.

The free site hosting package at 0catch does not offer email service. If your website’s operation depends on the email service, this plan is probably not good for you.

This 0catch hosting plan doesn’t support many popular scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, and Python, and it doesn’t support MS Frontpage either. And they have strict rules on what types of websites and files you can host using their free plan. You should check and make sure you fully understand them before signing up.

The bottom-line:
If you would like to have a free website host package with FTP access and no ads, you should probably pay a visit to learn details.

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