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by Joe is a provider for web hosting solutions. On this site, consumers can find a wide variety of packages including shared, dedicated, Semi-Dedicated and VPS hosting. They also include a free hosting plan on their list and it is provided by LiquidNet Ltd., a UK company. The company behind 100Webspace is based in Coral Springs, FL, USA and its name is Snapy Communications Inc..

Here we would like introduce the free website hosting plan offered at 100webspace to you.

Below you will find several common questions related to this plan.

How much web resources can we get?
They offer 100 MB web storage space and 3000 MB monthly data transfer. Usually we like web hosting plans with larger disk space and bandwidth. They may not be strictly necessary for your site, but more is always better.

How many domains can we host using this plan?
One domain and 10 sub-domains can be hosted on one account. This feature is good for people who need a free domain hosting plan. There are some free web hosts who don’t support this domain hosting feature at all. So when you see a free plan with this feature, you should give it a thumbs up.

Is this ad-free service?
This service is sponsored by ads. So you have to show their advertisements on your site while using it. However, if you don’t like seeing ad banners on your site, you have the option of removing it by paying a small fee.

Can we use FTP to upload files?
Yes. Each user will get 1 FTP account for managing files on his or her site. FTP access is an important feature for file uploading and managing. Not all free site hosting services have this feature.

Is there any Email service associated with this hosting service plan?
Each user can get up to 3 POP3 email accounts. But it doesn’t have SMTP access or the email forwarding feature.

Is this webhosting plan compatible with PHP and MySQL?
Yes, it supports PHP, and MySQL and each account has 1 MySQL database with the size up to 5 MB. It also supports phpMyAdmin. PHP and MySQL database are basic requirements for hosting a site based on CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so forth. To help users install PHP applications easily, they have also included the Elefante script installer in all of their packages including the free package.

Do they support Microsoft Frontpage server extension?
Yes. Frontpage extension is supported in this free website hosting package.
If you have any further questions, you can visit 100webspace or contact their customer service. If you need help to set up your account, you should look at their video tutorials.

100webspace.comKey features of the website hosting plan found at
Web disk space: 100 MB
Bandwidth: 3000 MB per month
Domain hosting: 1
Sub-domain hosting: 5
FTP access: yes, 1 account
Scripting languages: PHP, Perl, CGI, SSI
Frontpage server extension: yes
Database: MySQL, (1, 5 MB)
Script installer: yes, Elefante
Inactivity period allowed: 12 months
Customer MX and A records: yes
Email: 3 accounts (POP3)
Forced ads: yes
Support: 24/7, online documentation, ticket system

In conclusion, presents an opportunity for webmasters to get free web hosting with Frontpage support. If you plan to host your site built with Microsoft Frontpage for free, this plan should be interesting to you.

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