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by Joe

On, you can find a free website hosting program. In this program, they are offering 3 website hosting plans for free. However, these plans are not suitable for everyone, because they are designed for people to host gaming related websites. For your information, Simgames is part of Steadfast Networks, an IT infrastructure provider based in Chicago, USA. If you need a free webhosting solution for your gaming site, you may want to learn more about their offers.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn what the major features are in their plans, and what the requirements are to use their services.

How to get a free website hosting account on Simgames?
To get a hosting account on their site, you need to go to their website to submit an online application form, in which you have to provide information about you and your website. Their free service is meant for hosting English gaming websites. If the site you are going to build is not related to gaming or is not in English, your application will not be approved. Also, not all gaming sites will be approved because the quality of the site also matters. For instance, you should keep updating your site at least once per week. To learn more details, you should read their guidelines and terms of service carefully before submitting your application.

As mentioned above, in total they are offering 3 hosting plans including “subdomain”, “domain L1” and “domain L2”. These plans have some features in common and also have many differences. The major common features are listed below.

Key features of the free web hosting service offered at
Web storage space: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
Scripting support: CGI, Perl, PHP, SSI
Database support: MySQL, PostgreSQL
Email: yes, unlimited accounts (POP3, IMAP)
FrontPage Extensions: yes
Support: ticket system
File uploading methods: FTP, File manager
Others: phpMyAdmin, and more
Forced ads: yes

simgames.netWhat are the differences among these plans?
The “subdomain” plan allows you to use a free sub domain as the site’s URL. For instance, it may be something like The other two plans allow you to use your own URL for your site’s web address.

The “subdomain” and “domain L1” plans allow you to host 4 subdomains and have 6 FTP accounts, 4 MySQL databases and 4 PostgreSQL databases. The “L2” plan has better features compared to the former two. It comes with unlimited hosted domains, subdomains, FTP accounts and databases. Because it has many attractive features, it is hard to get. When signing up, you may not get “L2” directly unless you have a very high quality site which meets all of their requirements. To learn more, see their site for details.

In conclusion, provides free web hosting services to people to host eligible gaming sites at no cost. If you will build a gaming site or have a gaming site, you may submit an application on their site to see whether you can get a chance to host your site at no cost. Also, remember their services are sponsored by advertising. So you should be prepared to see some ads on your simgames sites.

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