Free Web Hosting with Custom Error Pages

by Joe

On, we can find 3 website hosting plans. Among them, two are free and one is paid. The paid plan is offered by ipage. If you need unlimited webspace and/or bandwidth, you may need the premium hosting service. If you just need a plan with a limited amount of web space, you may take a look at their free hosting plans which will cost you nothing to use.

Here we are going to concentrate on the core features of their free services, because our mission is to help new bloggers locate a low-priced website hosting plan.

These two free plans have a lot of things in common, but they also have several major differences.

First, let us talk about what their major differences are. You may also want to see the comparison table below.

As you can see, the Basic plan will give you 500 MB webspace, 5 GB bandwidth, 5 email accounts and 5 MySQL databases, whereas the Pro plan will give you 100 MB disk space, 10 GB monthly bandwidth, 10 emails accounts and 10 MySQL databases. After comparing the features offered by these plans, you can see that the Pro plan is much better. However to use the Pro plan, you must agree to add a footer link on your site back to their site. This requirement is not applicable to the Basic plan.

Second, let us see what their common features are. Both of them has an automatic scripts installer and support PHP, ASP, CGI/Perl, SSL, Cron jobs, and Custom error pages.

Custom error pages is a hosting feature that is missing in numerous website hosting services offered by free hosting companies. The site hosting plan available from profreehost seems tempting, especially for those who need to have this feature on the plan.

Package Name Basic Pro
Web space 500 MB 1000 MB
Bandwidth 5 GB 10 GB
Number of websites 5 10
Parked domains 5 10
sub domains 5 10
Footer link 0 1
Email accounts 5 10
MySQL 5 10

How should we get support if we have got tech issues?
Unfortunately they do not provide 24/7 tech support for free users. Tech support is only available for paid users. Since technical issues are typical when you’re a novice to a web server, customer service is widely seen as an important hosting feature. But the fact is that most of time one cannot find rapid customer support options such as online or phone chat support with free packages. It’s best to upgrade to a premium plan for complete support if you feel that you’ll want to communicate with someone without delay in the event of technical

In conclusion, is offering two free web hosting plans. If you are looking for a free webhosts offering custom error pages without additional charge, you may want to look into their services.

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