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by Joe is a web site where you can find website hosting services. This site is offering a free web hosting service featured with 20 MB disk space and 1 GB monthly bandwidth, which is co-branded with Community Architect.

It is critical to find a good web host for your website. However, finding a perfect web host for your website is not an easy job. There are many factors you have to think about such as price and features. Many people want to save money on web hosting, so they want free web hosting services. But even free services come with different features. You should know what you need and what you will get in a free site hosting plan before making decisions.

20 MB of storage space is offered with the free website hosting service at In fact, their very domain name implies this. When picking a website hosting plan, web storage space is a crucial factor to think about. How can you decide how much space your site will need? The disk space you need is related to your site’s size. As a general rule, if you have a big web site, you may need more space than when you have a little website. Therefore, you always want to get the plan with the appropriate amount of disk space that suits your site.

Primary features of the free web hosting plan at
Web storage space: 20 MB
Monthly data transfer: 1 GB
Individual file size: 500 KB
Email accounts: 3
Forced ads: yes (Banners and Pop-ups)
FTP access: no
Wordpress blog: no
PHP/MySQL, Perl, CGI support: no

20m_comAt this site, you’ll get 1 GB of monthly bandwidth on the free hosting plan. Usually it is best to have a host plan with an unlimited bandwidth quota. If you have the freedom to choose, you ought to choose free site hosting packages with data transfer allowance as higher as possible. More bandwidth allows a web site to have a relatively great number of readers. Web hosting plans with limited bandwidth may give you problems. For instance, if your web site utilizes more than the allowed amount of data transfer, the web host may suspend your web site, and website visitors will no longer be able to see your website until the following month. In most cases, you want to do your best to avoid this situation, because it will cause visitors to have a bad impression of your website and you may lose your readers for good.

While using’s free webhosting plan, you will get 3 e-mail accounts. Most paid web hosting plans should include full email support, however free hosting packages most often have minimal e-mail features. These limitations can sometimes include not only how many email accounts are available, but also extend to other email-related features. For instance, inbox space may be restricted, and there can be no support for SMTP, anti-virus, spam filters, or email lists. The rule of thumb is that you should choose the plan with all the e-mail service features you have to have. As you know, fancy functions are useless unless you use them.

Same as many other free hosting plans co-branded with Community Architect, the 20M plan is also sponsored by advertising. That is why you may see ad banners or pop-up ads on your free hosted website when using this plan. Usually, ads-free website hosting is viewed as an extremely desirable feature for free website hosting services. This is mainly because banner ads or popups may give website visitors a poor website-visiting experience. That is why mandatory advertisements are disliked by a lot of subscribers of free hosting packages. If you don’t like forced ads, the free plan offered on this site is not right for you.

The bottom-line:
For people who need a free site hosting plan with email services and basic features, they may want to check out the one on

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Although you ought to make a conclusion based on your own needs, there isn’t any harm in thinking about the opinions of other folks by checking out reviews.

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