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by Joe is a website offering a free forum webhosting service. This site is owned and operated by Noeclue Pte. Ltd., a company based in Singapore. The company has been in business since 2006 and the atfreeforum site was first launched in 2004.

How to get your free forum hosting space at
1. Go to their website and click on the “Free Sign up” link found on the top left of their home page. Then you will be led to the new member sign up page.
2. Read the warning messages displayed on the signup page. Atfreeforum doesn’t accept all types of online forums. Make sure the content on your website complies with their terms of service. Otherwise your site might be at risk of being permanently deleted since they review all the free hosted forums regularly. Follow the link “create your free forum hosting now” and go to the registration page on
3. Carefully read, understand and agree to their terms of services. Then click on the “continue” button.
4. Type in the name of your forum. Make sure the forum name you want is available in their system and is a valid one containing only permitted symbols.
5. Choose a category for your site from the dropdown list.
6. Write a brief forum description to introduce your site. This message will help other people to understand what your forum is about.
7. Enter your email address twice. Make sure you are using a valid email address since they will send the account activation link to your email address after the registration. Follow the instruction in the email and click on the activation link that is the only way to activate your account.
8. Solve the CAPTCHA and let the system know that you are not a bot.

For people who would like to get free forum webhosting space to start their own online discussion board, they may need the service offered at this website.

Nowadays free forum hosting services are provided on many websites. Atfreeforum is just one of them. Some of these hosting services are ad-free and others are ad-supported. So far the Atfreeforum one comes with no ads, which might be a pro preferred by many people.

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In order to learn how easy it is to setup or run an internet forum using this service, you may want to check out reviews written by its former or existing users.

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