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Have you ever thought of having an online presence for your business or having your own online shop? If so, you may be interested in the services offered at, a site brought to you by Webplus, Inc.. This company is physically located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA and it has been in business since 1994.

On webplusshop, you can find five shop hosting plans. Among them, 4 are for paid customers and 1 is free. The advantage of using the free plan is that you do not need to pay any monthly fee. But comparing to the paid plans including “Mini”, ”Starter”, ”Enterprise”, and ”Corporate”, the free plan comes with restrictions and is lacking features.

Key features of the free shop hosting plan provided at
Type of website: ecommerce, online shop;
Maximum number of products allowed: 5000;
Forced ads: yes;

The free ecommerce website hosting service offered at gives business owners an opportunity to try their services without paying any money. There may be many things involved in running a successful online business. But the very first thing is to have an ecommerce site which appears good and functions properly. So it is important to pick a hosting service which allows business owners to build and run their shops easily and smoothly.

How do you find the perfect hosting service that fits your needs? You may ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations. But this may not be the best way because they may not know what your exact needs are. Alternatively, you can compare several hosting plans offered by different providers and try the one that looks most promising. If you are lucky, you may get the chance to try it for free. There are many companies offering free web hosting plans for their potential customers and one of them is webplusshop.

webplusshop_comSimilar to most other free hosting services, the plan offered by webplusshop also has limited features. For instance, if you use this plan to host your shop, you are not allowed to list and sell unlimited products in your shop. The maximum number of products you put your shop for sale is 5000, because that is their policy. Also you may see some third party ads on your site, and these forced ads may generate some revenue and help them to cover the bill. As a free user, you will not get business email account or premium customer support either. However, if you like their hosting service and site building tools, you do have the option to upgrade to a premium plan to enjoy more features and benefits.

Remember when choosing an ecommerce website hosting plan, you have to consider what your shop needs. Don’t just look at the price; you need to pay attention to what kind of features and tools are included in the service package and also what kind of customer service they provide since it may be more technically challenging to set up an online shop than a regular website. If you have no idea which hosting plan is right for you, you may get some help by writing to them since there is a free business website consultation service offered at Webplus Shop. Another benefit of talking to them is that you will know how easy it is to work with them since they potentially could be your web site hosting service provider in the near future.

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