Get a Free cPanel Website Hosting Plan with PHP and MySQL

by Joe is a website hosting service provider. Both free and business web hosting plans are available on the site. The business plan comes with bigger storage space and other better features and it is suitable for professionals to make high quality websites. The free plan only has limited storage space and other basic features and it is a fit for beginners to get started with.
In the following several paragraphs, you will learn what major hosting features are included in their free package. The information provided will help you to find out whether this service is suitable for you.

How much web disk space can you get from mxhost’s free plan?
The plan provides 25 MB storage space. Storage space is the storage capacity you are authorized to utilize on the host server. The web hosting server will have a certain quantity of its disk space taken up by the files of your web site, which it will serve to site visitors of your site. The actual size of your site will determine the web storage space you may need. Your website will also expand larger later on, so you must give some web storage space for it expansion. Compared to what offered on other free website hosting services, 25 MB web space is relatively small.

How much monthly data transfer can we get?
We can get 2000 MB monthly bandwidth.

Can we get email services in this website hosting plan as well?
When using this plan, you can also get up to 5 email accounts. It supports both webmail and POP3.

Does it support PHP?
Yes. The version of PHP is 4.3.10.

What type of database does it support?
You will get 2 MySQL databases.

Do they provide support?
Yes. They provide support through their online forum.

Is this service sponsored by advertising?
Yes, it is supported by advertising. It means they will server banner ads on client’s sites.
Companies commonly support their free website hosting packages by compulsory advertisements. Users of many free hosting services will notice compulsory banner ads or pop-up ads on their free hosted sites. Advertising allows the service providers to regain some of their expenses associated with supplying free website hosting.

Is Microsoft Frontpage extension available?

mxhost.netKey features of the free web hosting plan provided at
Web storage space: 25 MB
Data transfer: 2000 MB per month
Email: yes, 5 accounts (webmail, POP3)
Databases: 2, MySQL
PHP: yes
FrontPage Extension: yes
Support: forum
Forced ads: yes, banner ads
Free subdomain: yes (example: or
Personalized error page: yes
cPanel: yes

When looking for a website hosting service, you should consider many factors. One of them is what control panels you will get. At mxhost, they provide cPanel which has a user-friendly interface. As you know, there are many free web hosting service providers but not all of them offer cPanel. If you need this feature, you probably like what you find on Mxhost.

In conclusion, is offering a free site hosting plan featuring cPanel, PHP, MySQL and email services.

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