Free cPanel Web Hosting with Unlimited Disk Space

by Joe is a free website hosting service provider. Their free cPanel web hosting plan is filled with many unlimited features including disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, addon domains, MySQL databases and more.

Below, we summarize the main hosting features provided in the Antserve’s free plan. Also we will explain when and why you need these features.

Key features of the free website hosting plan offered at
Disk space: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
Email accounts: unlimited
Number of addon domains: unlimited
Number of MySQL databases: unlimited
Cron jobs: no
Forced ads: yes
Customer support: forum
Paid services: available

This webhosting package offered at the Antserve site is pretty attractive. It offers unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer. These features allow webmasters or bloggers to build large and popular websites. However, if you plan to create a small personal website or blog, you may not need these unlimited features, since you will probably not use them in full.

Another feature we like about this plan is that it allows its users to host unlimited domains on the same account. This is seldom seen in other free site hosting plans. Usually free plans only allow users to host 2-10 addon domains on one account. But this is not the case for the Antserve’s plan.

Although there are many great features make this webhosting plan attractive, there are some aspects that people may not like. For instance, similar to many other free web hosts, Antserve also uses advertisements to support its free service. So users may see forced ads on their sites hosted with this plan. In addition, this free plan doesn’t support Cron jobs. If you plan to create a Cron job to complete some tasks on your site, this free hosting plan on Antserve may not be right for you.

However, Antserve does provide several premium web hosting packages for its free members to upgrade to. If you want to enjoy some advanced web hosting features or increase your webpage’s loading speed, you may be interested in upgrading to a better paid service package. Also paid clients will enjoy better customer support.

In conclusion, is a site you shoud visit if you are looking for a free cPanel hosting package with unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly transfer.

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Tip: reviews written by its customers are good information source to learn how good their hosting services and technical supports are in practice.

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