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by Joe is an internet site offering a full range of web hosting solutions and domain registration services. This site is managed by an Italian company, named 7Host S.r.l.. This company was founded more than 10 years ago and it is based in Chieti, Italy.

7host provides a variety of web hosting services to meet different clients’ needs. Their clients include small and mid-sized companies as well as industry leaders.

To help people get started, they also offer free web hosting solutions. No matter if you are looking for an ASP.NET or PHP hosting, you may find what you desire at the 7host website.
Many webmasters would like to build sites based on and Microsoft Access. But these features are sometimes lacking in numerous services offered by free web hosting providers. The package offered by 7host appears to be awesome, especially for folks who might need these hosting features.

In this post we tried to assist new website owners to obtain a free web hosting service, therefore we are going to only discuss what specifications can be found in 7host’s free hosting services.

How much web space is available?
50 MB web storage space is included in this site hosting plan. This number is relatively low compared to what we found on many other free web hosts’ offers. The storage capacity that you are able to use on the web host server is the storage space feature. Just like the files on your local computer, the web pages that make up your web site will fill up some web storage space on the host server, which will need to provide those files to visitors of your website. The actual size of your website will determine the disk space that you need. However, your site will also expand in the future; therefore you will have to give some web storage space for it growth. That is why people typically prefer plans with bigger web space.

Can we get a free sub-domain name?
Yes, you will get a sub-domain name on as the URL of your site. For instance, your site’s URL may look like Also you are allowed to add your own domain.

Do they support ASP.Net?
Yes, it is possible for you to use this plan to setup a website based on ASP.NET, ASP 3.0 or PHP.

What kind of database do they support?
You can use Microsoft Access or MySQL database on your site.

Could we utilize file transfer protocol for file moving?
Yes, you will get FTP access.

Do they force ads onto your sites?
They do utilize ads to sponsor their service. So if you host your website with this plan, you will see some ads displayed on your site. That is why this hosting plan is not suitable for people who are specifically looking for free website hosting with no ads.

7host.comKey features of the free website hosting plan provided at
Disk space: 50 MB
Bandwidth: not specified
Free sub-domain name: yes
Scripts: ASP 3.0, ASP.NET, PHP
Databases: MS Access, MySQL
FTP Access: yes
Forced ads: yes

In conclusion, is offering a free ASP.Net hosting with FTP and MS Access.

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