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by Joe is a web site where you can find a feature-rich free webhosting plan. As a free webhost, Heliohost has been serving webmasters for more than 5 years. They claim that they want to be one of leaders in the industry and try to provide a zero-cost hosting plan comparable or even better than paid plans. Heliohost was founded and managed by Ashoat Tevosyan.

Heliohost is very unique free webhost. They have two servers and offer 4 web hosting plans including “Stevie”, “Johny”, “Stevie SSL”, and “Johnny SSL”. The first two are completely free; the last two require $12 setup fee each. However, the last two plans allow you to use SSL and dedicated IP addresses which are lacking in the first two plans. But all of these plans have many professional-grade hosting features. Below we have listed their main features. If you are interested, you may want to take a look.

Key features of the free web hosting plans offered on
Disk space: 500 MB
Bandwidth: unmetered
Number of FTP accounts: unlimited
File uploading methods: FTP, web file manager
cPanel: yes
Email service: yes (unlimited accounts, POP3/IMAP, SMTP)
Free sub-domain: yes (example:
Domain hosting: unlimited add-on domains, parked domains, sub-domains
Forced ads: no
Scripts: PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby& Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, CGI, Django, Java, SSI
Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Misc features: Apache, Softaculous, Frontpage Extensions,phpMyAdmin, Cron job
Activity requirement: 30 days
Customer support: forum, online wiki

heliohost.orgWhat are the pros and cons of Heliohost’s service?
There are many ideal hosting features on Heliohost’s plans. For instance, they offer unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts and domain hosting or parking. Their plans are compatible with a wide range of scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, CGI, Ruby, Python and more. They also offer Softaculous, a script installer which allows installing applications like phpBB and WordPress easily. These features are commonly seen on paid web hosting service plans, but not found on most free plans. That might be the reason they call their service “professional grade”.

Another thing we like about this webhost is that they provide 24/7 network monitoring. It is possible to see the current web server uptime. For instance, according to their record, the “Stevie” server’s uptime is much better than “Johny”. This information will help you to decide on which web server you want to use.

Although we have overall positive feelings about Heliohost, there are some limitations and restrictions when using their web hosting services.

1. They limit one account per user. Unlike some other free website hosts, they don’t allow one user to have multiple accounts on their site.
2. To keep you Heliohost account active, you should access your account at least once per 30 days.
3. They don’t allow users to use Secure Shell (SSH).
Similar to many other free webhosts, Heliohost only offers very basic support through their online forum. They also provide a Wiki page to help you find the answers for your questions.
Generally speaking customer support is one important factor to consider when picking on web hosting services. But the fact is that paid webhosts usually offer better supports than free hosts. If you don’t need much help for building and running your website, you may not need full customer support anyway.

In conclusion, provides 4 very attractive free site hosting plans.

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