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by Joe is a web site providing many different online services and one of their services is free website hosting. This site is owned by FC2, Inc., a company that was founded in 1999 and has its address in Las Vegas, NV, USA. The site supports several major languages including Japanese, English and more. To read in the language you prefer, you just need to make a correct selection from the language drop-down menu.

Main features of the Fc2 free website hosting plan:
Web storage space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
FTP support: Yes
Forced ads: No
Types of website: Personal, commercial
Free sub-domain: Yes (example:
Activity requirement: 90 days

It is easy to find many free web hosting services on the internet. But most of them are supported by advertisement, which means that you have to put their ads onto your website in order to use their “FREE” service. It is rarely see any free web hosting with no ads. This is one of those rarely found free website hosting services without ads. According to the site, they will not put any banner ads on your fc2 hosted site. Instead, they just put a phrase containing “Powered by FC2” at the lower part of your webpage. If you don’t mind this minor attribution on your site, this might be the right webhosting service you are looking for.

Besides the “no forced ads” feature, the fc2 free webhosting plan comes with many other attractive features such as 1 GB web storage space, unlimited monthly data transfer, FTP uploading, free sub-domain name and so on. Comparing to many other free web hosting plans, the 1 GB disk space offered by fc2 is relatively big. 1 GB may not be big enough for a serious ecommerce website, but it is enough for a personal website in most cases. The unlimited monthly bandwidth allows you to host a free website with heavy web traffic. When registering your account, you will also get a free sub-domain of For instance, if you would like to call your new site: mynewsite, the sub-domain will be

fc2.comWhen choosing the web hosting services, one factor that you should consider is how easy it is to build and manage a website with this hosting service. The fc2′s free web hosting plan allows you to upload your files with FTP and also manage your site through web browser as well.

Sometimes free web hosts do not allow their customers to build commercial websites with their services. But that is not the case at this website. With the fc2 free webhosting service, you can build personal as well as commercial websites. You are allowed to put your own ads on your site if you want to use your website to generate some ads revenue.

Customer support is another important factor to consider when shopping for web hosting services. Phone support is not available at, which is similar to many other free website hosting services. But, there are two ways to reach technical support for Fc2. One is by sending an email, and the other is by using the online inquiry form. You cannot talk to them directly on the phone since their telephone number is not listed on the site.

There are some restrictions on the usage of the fc2 free site hosting service. They will delete a webpage that has not been modified within 3 months, for example. So before signing up for the service, make sure you have read their terms of service carefully and read some fc2 reviews written by its customers.

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