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by Joe is a website where people can find free services to create a free sports website for their teams, leagues and/or organizations. Besides the free website creation service, they also offer paid upgrades. The services on eTeamz are provided by The Active Network, In., a company located in San Diego, California, U.S.A..

The following are key features of the free website package offered at

Storage space: not specified
 Bandwidth:  not specified
 Forced ads:  yes
 Your own custom domain name:  no
 Free site builder:  yes

Are you a league administrator or a team manager? Do you want to create a free website for your team or league? If so, you may need website design, building and hosting services specifically for making sports websites.

eteamz.comEteamz is a provider of these services on the internet. They provide a web-based web building software to help their customers to create sports sites. They also provide website hosting services to host sites created with their software. In total, they provide two website packages including “Basic” and “Plus”. The “Basic” plan is free, and the “Plus” plan is a paid plan. They allow customers to purchase additional features such as “customize ads”, “customize domain name”, “customize emails” and “get more storage space.

Creating free sports websites on eTeamz is easy. All you need to do is to choose the Basic free plan, and then go to the sign up to register a new account. When signing up, you need to provide your full name and email address, and select the site type and the site plan. For the site type, you can choose from “Team”, “League” and “Organization”. For instance, if you are a league administer who wants to create a website for your league, you may choose “League”. For the site plan, you can choose between the Basic free plan and the Plus plan. As mentioned earlier, the Plus plan is only for paying customers, which comes with more features and monthly fees. To help you make a decision, you are provided with a table detailing the major differences between these two plans. You may want to check it out before continuing to the next step. After registration, you can login into your eteamz account and start to create your site using the website building tools provided.

As a free member of eTeamz, you can only enjoy very limited features for building your free website. For example, you are not allowed to edit the HTML codes of your webpage, and you may see some forced banner ads on your site. Although you aren’t able to use the fancy features offered to paid customers, you still can use the standard features to build a very basic website. For instance, you can build a site to share photos and videos of sports events.

In conclusion, is a special website creation service provider. Their services are for people who need to create sports sites for their teams, leagues and/or organizations.

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Before signing up to create your free sports site on Eteamz, you may want to learn other people’s opinion on their services by looking into reviews.

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