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by Joe

Web creation and hosting packages needed to establish a new web site are provided at Doodlekit also offers a free webhosting service and is operated by Doodlebit, LLC..

The mission of Doodlekit is helping people to build their own personal or business websites. They provide a web-hosted free website builder and content management system in their website creation packages.

On their site, you can find 5 service packages in total. 1 of them is zero cost and you can use it without paying anything. It is not a trial version. You can use the package with no cost as long as you want because there is no time limit. The other 4 paid service packages include Simple, Business, Advanced and Premium. As these packages’ names indicated, the Simple package is meant for creating and hosting small websites; the Advanced package is for large website; the premium is for professionals. Among all their packages, the most popular plan is the Business plan. These packages are prices differently according to their various features. Basically, the packages with higher monthly prices come with more features. However, no matter which packages you are going to take, you can enjoy the basic features provided in their free site builder.

doodlekit_comTo help you to try their Doodlekit website builder for free, they specifically offer the free package. It is a 100% zero cost plan, which means it will cost you $0 per month to use it. It is a good opportunity for you to try and test to see whether you like this tool or not. If you don’t like, you can walk away without paying any money. If you like it, you may want to purchase better hosting plans because the free one has a lot of restrictions and is lacking some advanced features. For example, while using this package, you are only allowed to add 5 more pages/sub-pages to your site, upload no more than 500 photographs and get 25000 hits maximally per month. These restrictions may make running a website difficult. But they will not impede you in trying the Doodlekit sitebuilder. After completing your site building and designing, you can publish it online with the free subdomain on which you can name when signing up for the plan. If you need your own domain for your site or more hosting resources, or website designing features, you probably should upgrade to paid packages. But again you don’t have to do it, if you don’t like. It is optional.

Doodlekit provides the following features in their free website creation and hosting package:
Number of hits: up to 25000 monthly
Number of Photos: up to 500
Pages & sub-pages: 5
Free website builder: yes
Free subdomain name: yes (example:

The bottom line:
If you want to create a small website with an online hosted free website builder, you may want to learn the details about the free package offered at

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How to know whether people like Doodlekit or not? Lots of webmaster sites will probably have reviews. You may check them out when you are free.

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