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by Joe provides a free and easy solution for you to create and display a site online. With this web creation service, people who have no programming languages can also create their own websites within a short period of time. Blinkweb not only provides all the necessary tools for you to build a website but also provides a free website hosting service, which allows you to show your site to the world to see without additional cost.

On, they provide a drag-and-drop type website builder. This tool allows users to make a website or blog easily and quickly.

To get access to all the web creation tools offered on this site, you have to register an account first. It is a free to be member of Blinkweb. You need an email to sign up. If you don’t have an email account, you can get one easily at many online web-based email service providers for free. Please read and agree to Blinkweb’s terms of service carefully before signing up. Although the Blinkweb’s service is available to people from many countries, it is only for people older than 18 years old.

business.blinkweb.comTo help you get to know the Blinkweb page builder, they provide a demo account which can be access even without account registration. In the demo account, you can try the page builder to see how easy it is to use this tool to edit the website content, add title, paragraph, images, video, and widgets and adjust the site layouts. They allow you to use their site builder to create your blog or website first. However, if you want to publish your website, you have to sign up for an account.

To publish your professional website on the internet for free, you need to get a free sub-domain name on as the URL of your site. However, if you want to host your site with your own domain or down the created site to your local computer, you need to pay some money for the service. Please be aware that they may show some ads on your free hosted Blinkweb site. In this way, they can generate some revenue to support their services. If you don’t want to see the text ads on your webpage, you may need upgrade to a paid plan to remove it.

To help you become familiar with the whole website creation process, they have a series of video tutorials which cover 5 topics, including how to use the editor, how to add widgets, how to add pages, how to change layout and templates and how to publish your site. They are quite informative and you may want to watch them before starting your web building project.

If you encounter problems when using the Blinkweb service, you can try to find answers in the “Troubleshooter” and/or “knowledgebase” sections online. If your solution is not available on their web, you may submit a ticket to contact them and get further help.

In conclusion, is offering a web creation and hosting service for average people to build a professional website easily.

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