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by Joe is a website providing a special web hosting service which allows its users to create their own web discussion forums for free. They provide not only the free forum hosting but also all the necessary tools for its users to setup their forums quickly and easily.

How can you create a free forum at

1. Go to their website and click the blue “Create a free forum” button. Then you need to follow the step-by-step instructions to start building your forum. By using the tools offered by forumotion, most people can setup online forums easily. You don’t even need to know any technical knowledge to make your own discussion forums in several minutes.

2. Choose the forum version you need. In total, they offer 4 forum packages for you to choose including PhpBB3, PhpBB2, Invision and PunBB. What are the differences among these versions? PhpBB3 is a relatively new and widely-used internet forum application. Its beta version was first released in 2006. It is open source software written in the PHP scripting language. PhpBB2 is relatively old compared to PhpBB3, and is essentially an older version with outdated features. Invision Power Board (also known as IPB, or IP board) was developed in 2002 by Invision Power Services, Inc., and is popular internet forum software which is also written in PHP. PunBB is also based in PHP, but it is simpler and faster comparing to the former three. If you just want to build a simple online discussion board with fewer graphic, you may like PunBB system.

3. Choose the forum skin from the list. Different skins will give you’re a forum different appearance. You have to make your choice based on your forum’s topic.

4. Type in a title and a short description for your forum. These two pieces of information will help other people to find your site so that they can join your group discussion.

5. Choose a web address for your free forum. You can give your site a name and then choose a sub-domain. In total, they offer more than 20 domains for you to choose from including,, and so on.

6. Enter your email address. This information is required for the sign up. If you don’t have an email account, you can get one easily at many sites such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail and so forth.

7. Verify your password and account.

Internet forums are good places for people to have discussions online. That is why many people wish to have their own online discussion boards when they want to hold a group discussion. However, not everyone can have their own forums because not everyone has enough technical knowledge to set up a site properly, and not everyone wants to pay the bill for a web hosting service. is a website which allows internet users to create forums easily and free of charge. If you want to make a free forum with unlimited users and messages, you want to check out the Forumotion’s free forum creation and hosting services.

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