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by Joe provides an opportunity for non-profit and/or non-commercial groups to have their own websites at zero cost. These websites can be used for fund-raising purposes if it will benefit the group or organization but not any individual person. If you are looking for a free web host to make a personal or ecommerce website, Orgsites is not what you need. You should move on and find the services suitable for you somewhere else.

Orgsites is a part of Global Neighborhood, an internet company based in Seattle, WA, USA.
Below you will find out what features are included in the Orgsites’ free website offer.

Is it any fees associated with their service?
No, there are no fees. You can use their service without paying any money as long as you are qualified to use their service.

Do we need to know complicated programming languages to make a site on Orgsites?
No. To build a website on Orgsites is quite easy. You don’t need to use advanced programming skills to have an Orgsites site. But it is beneficial for you if you know some basic HTML language.

Is it an ad-supported web hosting service?
No. Their service is not sponsored by advertising. So you will not see any ads on your Orgsites website.

Each user can make a small site with one homepage and 10 extra web pages. If you like, you can not only add text content but also images, photos, and charts on to your site.

orgsites.comTo help you communicate with your members, they also offer some useful functions. For instance, you can have a membership list so that you can easily reach your members by email. In addition, they also offer a tool for you to manage meetings and/or events of your group. They can also post them onto the master events list.

If there are some other websites or webpages related to your organization or group, you can link to them from your site by adding their links into the links section.

Besides the free website service mentioned above, it has a directory as well. This directory is designed specifically for U.S. organizations. If you want to gain more exposure for your group or organization on the internet, you can add your site into this directory after you publish it. By doing this, more people will be able to find you on the web easily by searching the directory.

When you finish composing your site, you can publish it online using a webpage at If you are curious about how the site will look like, you can check out the featured sites on their homepage as examples.

In conclusion, provides a free website service which allows non-profit and non-commercial organizations to build and host their own sites with no fees. If you want to make a free website for your school, church, or other groups (organizations), you may be interested in their services.

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