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by Joe provides a solution for people who need an easy way to build their own website, blog, forum or online shop. This site was launched in 2008, and since then they have helped people to make millions of websites using SiteMaker, a product from SiteMaker Software Limited.

Ezweb123 provides a series of web creation packages including Free, Lite, Standard, Plus and Max. Except the 1st one, all the other four packages are fee-based. These packages come with different features and are provided to meet different clients’ needs. For instance, beginners can build their very first web sites by using their free service that only has very basic features. The fee-based services may just be great for experienced site designers to make more complicated web sites which need more resources and features.

In this article we aim to help new webmasters to get a zero cost hosting service, so we are just going to examine the features available in their free service.

Is it easy to create a website on Ezweb123?
Yes. Different people may have different standards, but it does seem pretty easy to make a website using the SiteMaker they provide. With this handy tool, you don’t need to have any technical skill to set up your own site. What you need to do is just to choose a web template from their list, put web content such as articles, photos, videos on to your site and publish it with your own customized sub-domain name. Each user will get a sub-domain name on when enrolling.

What amount of web space is available?
20 MB disk space is available in their free hosting service. This is definitely not a big number. It only allows you to make one site with up to 15 web pages. However, it is a good opportunity to give their site building service a try. If you find it is suitable for your needs, you can upgrade to better plans with better features and more hosting resources.

What amount of monthly data transfer is available?
This web hosting plan comes with 1 GB monthly bandwidth. This amount of data transfer allowance may not be enough for a popular site, but may be enough for a new site with light web traffic.

Can we use their service to make a free online shop?
Yes. We can use their site builder to make an online shop or Facebook shop. But as a free user, you can add no more than 10 products in your shop. If you want to sell more products, you can upgrade to premium plans. For instance, Lite allows you to sell up to 20 products; Max allows you to sell up to 1000 products.

Do we need to show their advertisements on our websites?
Their free service is sponsored by ads. So they will show their ads on your sites. However, if you become a paid customer, they will remove those ads.

Can we use our free sites to make money with Google Adsense?
No. If you use their free service to make a website, you are not allowed to add your own ads on your website to make money. So if you need a free website to make money with advertising network like Google Adsense, this service is not what you are looking for. However, there are many other free web hosts that allow you to make websites and show your own advertisements on your sites.

ezweb123.comMain features of the ezweb123’s free website hosting plan:
Disk space: 20 MB
Monthly bandwidth: 1 GB
Number of website: 1
Number of webpages: up to 15
Online shop: yes (up to 10 products)
Facebook Shop: yes
Forced ads: yes
Your ads: not allowed
Inactivity period allowed: 180 days
Customer support: no

In conclusion, if you need an easy way to make your own shop, blog, or forum online, you may find the services provided at useful.

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From reviews written by their customers, you could possibly know about the reliability of their web servers.

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