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by Joe is offering a variety of web services including website hosting, domain registration, email marketing, website creation and so on. This website is under the management of Bravenet Web Services, Inc., a company with more than 10 years of history. Their services are available to web visitors from all over the world.

To help people to make websites easily and quickly, they provide a site builder and many useful website building tools. These tools make it possible to make a site within minutes even for people who have no technical knowledge. If you don’t have any experience in website building, you may want to keep reading to see how to make a free site using their free hosting service.

How to create a free website on

1. Go to bravenet’s sign up page to create a free account. In this step, you need to give your name and email address. You also have to choose a username and password. The second step will allow you to subscribe to their updates. If you don’t want to subscribe to any of the updates, you can simply go ahead to read the terms of service and hit the “Sign up now” button.

2. Validate your account. Check your email that you used for registration. They will find an email they sent to you which contains a validation code. Copy the code and paste into the box on top of your member’s control panel and click on the “continue” button. If you did not receive the email for any reason, you can ask them to send a new one to you. Once your account has been validated, you gain access to their service.

3. Go to the “site builder” page on your control panel. Choose a web template and then choose a sub-domain name on as your new site’s URL.
bravenet.com4. Start to build your site. If you want to change your site’s look, you can select a theme from the provided list. Once you find the one you like, click on the install button. Then you can add more web content and pages on to your site. You can change your site’s layout and do basic search engine optimization (SEO) by adding keywords and description to your webpages. As a free member of bravenet, you can use up to 5 MB for building your site and the number of pages on your site should not be more than 7 including an about page and a contact page.

5. Publish your website on the web and share your articles, photos or videos with the rest of world.

The free hosting service only gives users very limited resources and rights. For instance, if you want to remove ads, add more web pages or enjoy other benefits, you have to upgrade to their paid plans.

Key features of the free website hosting service provided at
Disk space: 5 MB
Bandwidth: 1.5 GB per month
Number of pages: 5
Free subdomain: yes (example:
Type of sites: personal, business
Forced ads: yes
File uploading method: Web Browser
Maximum file size for uploading: 150 KB
Activity requirement: 90 days

In conclusion, internet users can use the ad-supported free service offered at to make a small website or blog for free. But if you plan to host a website built with PHP, MySQL or other scripts, this service may not be right for you.

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