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by Joe provides an opportunity for people to create free sites and earn money by displaying ads on their sites. Altervista was launched in 2000 and now it is owned by Banzai Media S.R.L. This site supports a variety of languages. Originally, it is an Italian only platform. Now it also has an English version. For English speakers, they should go to instead of their homepage.

No matter whether you want to build a website, start a blog, have a gallery or host an online forum, you may find the services offered at Altervista interesting. Below we have summarized the core hosting features offered in their services. The purpose of this list is just to give you a quick idea what you will get from their site. But before signing up for your account, you may need to do some further studies on your own.

Key features of the free web hosting plan found on
Disk space: 500 MB
Bandwidth: 10 GB per month
Upgrade: available
Type of sites: Blog, website, gallery, forum
Site builder: yes
Free sub-domain: yes (example:
FTP: yes
Scripting languages: PHP, MySQL
Your own domain: allowed
Cron jobs: yes
Forced ads: no
CMS compatibility: WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal, Zenphoto and more

When using the free hosting plan offered by Altervista, you will get up to 500 MB webspace and 10 GB monthly bandwidth. These web resources are just their basic offer. If you feel these hosting capacities are not enough, you have the options to get better plans. In general, they offered two ways for you to get extra resources. First, if you can afford it, you can pay a fee for better hosting features. Second, you can show their ads on your hosted website to earn money and AlterCents. AlterCents can be used for your service upgrade. There are many benefits to get upgrade. For instance, you will get more web resources and second level URL domain and so on. When displaying their ads on your site, you can also earn some real money. If you withdraw the money you have earned, they will pay you in Euro.

en.altervista.orgIn our opinions, Altervista is very unique free web hosting service provider because it provides basic tools for people to create free websites and also offers them opportunities to earn money from their sites. By making money from their web content, the site owners can have chances to grow their site and get better resources. For people who are interested in monetizing their sites or blogs, Altervista offered two types of ads for them to show on their sites so that they can earn revenue from their online work. One is the Altervista banner, and the other is Altervista with Google Adsense. Users can choose join either one of them or both of them. If you show both types of ads on a site, you will earn more money probably. Although you are allowed to make money using Altervista’s ads, you are not allowed to put your own ads on your sites. If you put your own Adsense ads on your site, they will delete your account. Please see their policy for details.

In conclusion, is a free web host which provides great opportunities to make free websites and make some money by showing Altervista’s ads on their sites.

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Tip: reviews could possibly be found at many online forums. To be cautious, you may want to check them out before registering an account.

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