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by Joe is a website where you can purchase prints for your digital photos and/or turn your photos into great gifts. Do you know they also provide a service named “shutterfly share sites” which allows users to create photo sharing websites for free. If you are interested in making a private or public website to share photos with people you care, you may want to learn more about what this service can do for you.

With Shutterfly Share Sites, you can make a photo-sharing site easily at no cost. You don’t need to pay expensive web hosting fee to host your site. You don’t need to pay professional web designers to make your sites. With the all the tools provided, you probably can have your site created and published online in a few minutes. You can personalize your website in any way you like by changing its layout or modifying its design. With your own site, you can do many things such as share photos and videos, post messages, exchange ideas and so on.

How can you create a free website at shutterfly?
To sign up and create a site on shutterfly share sites is easy. Go to and then click on the link “make a free site” on the left of the page.

The first thing you need to do is to tell them what kind of website you would like to make. They have listed 9 types of websites for you to choose from including family, baby, wedding, sports teams, classroom, clubs & groups, events & celebrations, travel and photo gallery. Then you need to give your site a name and pick a sub-domain name as the URL of your site. The sub-domain will reside on For certain types of websites, you also have the option of providing additional information such as wedding date, birthday and so on. Then you can define how people view your website. If you want a private site, you can ask people to sign in to view your content. If you want everyone can see your site, you can choose “sign-in not required”.

Next, you need to choose a website template. All the available templates are sorted into several categories. You can browse all of them and then choose the one you like most.

Lastly, you have to sign up to create your shutterfly share site. For a new registration, a full name, an email address and a password are required. If you already have a shutterfly account, you don’t need to create a new one. Instead, you just need to sign in and use the service directly.

What are pros of this service?
They allow you to create a website at zero cost and store as many photos as you like.

What are cons of this service?
You cannot use your own domain name as the url of your free site. Also the site created with this service is only for personal use, which means if you want a commercial site, this service is not for you. Also there are many other rules listed in their terms of service which is a good reference for you to fully understand what you can obtain from their offer.shutterfly share sites screenshot

In conclusion, provides an opportunity for people to create free websites to share information, photos, videos and more.

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