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by Joe is a website where its members can create websites for their family or groups. On this site, they offer 3 website packages including a free one. Their free website creation package comes with very basic features such as 100 MB disk space.

Familylobby is a not conventional web host, even though it allows people to make websites on their site. It offers a special website creation service, and its potential customers are people who would like to build websites for their family, babies, church groups, club members and organizations. If you intend to build a commercial website, their service is not right for you. To learn more about their service policies and rules, please read their terms of service first.

Main features of the free website creation package at
Storage space: 100 MB
Email: yes (POP3)
Type of website: personal
Website themes: family, baby, groups/organizations
Technical support: yes
Number of custom pages: 1
Forced ads: yes
Your own custom domain: NA
Free site URL: yes (
Your ads: not allowed

At Familylobby, you can use their free package to create a website for your family. Of course, if you like, you can also use the same service to build a free baby website or a free site for your friends.

familylobby_comThis package is absolutely zero cost. The good thing is that there is no time limit on how long you can use it. By using this service, you can build a professional looking site with a lot of useful features such as family tree, news, recipes and so on. For instance, if you want to share photos taken from family events, you can upload photos to your site and display them in the photo gallery. If you want to plan your family gatherings, you can hold an online discussion on the discussion board at your site. You can also use the calendar feature to record and organize your family events. Besides these wonderful functional elements, you can also custom your site appearance by changing its themes and templates.

The Familylobby free package lacks advanced features, as compared to other paid packages available on the site. For instance, this package only gives you 100 MB space to store your photos, videos and other files. The paid packages will give you much bigger storage space. The free package only gives you a URL on their TLD for your site’s address and you are not allowed to use your own domain on your family site. When using the free package to host your family site, you are only allowed to add up to 30 members to your site and up to 50 members to your family tree. If these capacities are not enough for you, you have to upgrade to paid packages to remove these restrictions and enjoy other advanced features such as ad-free, mobile phone access, custom family polls and so on.

The bottom-line:
If you want to make a free family website or a free baby website, you may like the free website creation and hosting service at Although it is an ad-supported service, it has some wonderful features you may like.

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