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by Joe is a web site where web users can create their own boards, blogs and photo galleries for free. If you want to make a dynamic website, you may also want to check out their free website hosting service which provides 100 MB (or more) web space, unlimited bandwidth, FTP access, PHP and MySQL database support.

Miarroba is an online service brought to you by Miarroba Networks, SLU, a company based in Spain.

On their site, you can find various services. For instance, if you want to have a blog, you may be interested in their blogging service. If you want to host your own website, you may like their web hosting service.

Here we will explain how their free website hosting service works. Below you will see the main features of their plan.

Key features of the free web hosting plan provided on
Web space: starting from 100 MB
Bandwidth: unlimited
File uploading methods: FTP, WebFTP file manager
PHP, MySQL support: yes
phpMyAdmin: yes
Free sub domain name: yes, example:
Inactivity period allowed: 3 months

miarroba.comHow much web disk space will they give?
You’ll get at least 100 MB web disk space with this package. It is possible for you to get 500 MB space or unlimited space if you can build a high quality popular site. With a single account, you can make 5 Webspaces at maximum.

What amount of data transfer usage do they offer?
They let you to get unlimited bandwidth when using this package.

Is FTP access included?
You can use an FTP client or their WebFTP administrator to transfer files to your webspace. But the maximum file size you can upload is 5 MB. If you upload a file larger than the limit, they will delete your file.

What script languages do they allow?
The plan supports PHP5 and MySQL database so that you can employ this plan to make a dynamic website if you wish. They also provide phpMyAdmin for you to manage your database.
PHP and MySQL compatibility is a crucial webhosting feature, but it is not always found on free webhosting packages. Many free plans only support simple HTML sites. The site hosting package available from Miarroba looks very tempting, especially for people who need to create dynamic websites based on PHP and MySQL database.

To fully understand their services, you should read their terms of service in which you will find some restrictions and limitations. For instance, in order to keep your Miarroba account alive, you have to log into your account at once per three months, otherwise they may remove your account for inactivity.

In conclusion, provides a free web hosting solution for people to build a dynamic website based on PHP 5 and MySQL.

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