Create a Free Photo Sharing Website

August 28, 2013 is a website where you can purchase prints for your digital photos and/or turn your photos into great gifts. Do you know they also provide a service named “shutterfly share sites” which allows users to create photo sharing websites for free. If you are interested in making a private or public website to share [...]

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Create a Mobile Friendly Website for Free

August 24, 2013

It is the trend nowadays to build a website which is more mobile-friendly. An increasing number of people are smartphones, which are mobile devices which can access internet on the go. So when designing a website, you should consider not only desktop or laptop users, but also mobile device users. is an online site [...]

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Get Free Webhosting with Unlimited Space, Bandwidth and No Ads

August 20, 2013

The free web hosting service plan offered on has many features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and no forced advertisements shown on customers’ websites. If you are looking for a no-cost website hosting solution, you may want to learn more about what this site can do for you. is owned [...]

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Get Unlimited Free Web Space

August 15, 2013

Do you need a free website hosting plan coming with features comparable with those offered on paid plans? If so, you may like what you find at On this site, they offer domain registration and website hosting services. In total, they offer two plans. One is zero cost; the other is a cheap web [...]

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Get Free Web Hosting to Make English Gaming Websites

August 12, 2013

On, you can find a free website hosting program. In this program, they are offering 3 website hosting plans for free. However, these plans are not suitable for everyone, because they are designed for people to host gaming related websites. For your information, Simgames is part of Steadfast Networks, an IT infrastructure provider based [...]

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Get Unlimited Free cPanel Web Hosting

August 11, 2013 is a relatively new free web site hosting provider which was launched in 2010. Their website hosting service is completely zero cost and it is suitable for both personal and commercial use. If you want a free web hosting plan with unlimited web space and bandwidth, you may like the plan offered on Nazuka. [...]

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Get Unlimited Free Hosting with a Free Website Builder

July 23, 2013 is an online place where internet users can find a free website hosting plan full of unlimited features such as disk space, bandwidth, MySQL database, Add-on domains, Parked domains, email accounts and FTP accounts. Nowadays it is easy to find a web host offering free service, but it is hard to find a free [...]

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Get Unlimited Free Webspace and Data Transfer

June 30, 2013 is an internet site where you can find a free website hosting service package. It is partnered with Youhosting and presents a free webhosting plan featured with unlimited webspace and bandwidth. This web site is also known as All the services offered on this site are provided by MiniGig LLC. Here we will [...]

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Host WordPress Websites for Free

June 24, 2013 is offering a free web hosting plan which you can use to host your WordPress website without paying any fee. 4ove partnered with to present this free hosting plan for internet users. With this plan, users can host their websites completely free. They claim that there is no hidden cost or forced ads. [...]

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Free cPanel Web Hosting with Unlimited Disk Space

June 17, 2013 is a free website hosting service provider. Their free cPanel web hosting plan is filled with many unlimited features including disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, addon domains, MySQL databases and more. Below, we summarize the main hosting features provided in the Antserve’s free plan. Also we will explain when and why you need these [...]

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