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by Joe is a company providing free, paid, VPS and re-seller web hosting services.

At Byethost, the free web hosting plan will allow you to enjoy up to 1 GB of web storage space. Should you care about how much storage space you are going to get? The answer is yes. It is crucial that you think about disk space when shopping for a hosting package. How much disk space do you need to have? The storage space you will need is related to the size of your website. If you have a little website, you might not need as much web storage space as when you have a big web site. So you might have to select a hosting plan according to what you need. If the size of your site is smaller than 1 GB, the Byethost free plan may be perfect for you.

On Byethost, you will get 50 GB of monthly bandwidth on their free hosting service. Have you figured out if this level of bandwidth meets your needs? Giving an answer to this question requires you to calculate the amount of data transfer you will need for your website. For example, if your website gets one thousand visitors per 30 days, and each website visitor averages 1 MB of data transfer, you are going to want 1 GB of monthly data transfer. How is it calculated? It is simple. Multiply the number of website visitors with the average volume of data each visitor utilizes will give you an idea of the monthly data transfer required. So if your estimated bandwidth is more than 50 GB, you may not want this plan at Byethost. In addition, given that bandwidth usage varies from month to month, it is best to add an extra buffer to the approximated bandwidth usage to be safe.

byethost.comFTP access is also available at Byethost’s free site hosting package. An FTP client is necessary when utilizing FTP for connecting to the server. Well-known FTP client applications include FileZilla and WinSCP. But you can always do your own research and find the client you like best.

PHP and MySQL database are also supported by the free website hosting service at the Byethost site. They allow you to create up to 5 MySQL databases. If you need PHP and MySQL support on the web host, you need to check out the specifics of these features. For instance, sometimes the version of PHP available is not compatible with the software that you want to install. If that happens, your needs will not be satisfied by that web host. In addition, many free packages place limits on the number of MySQL databases you could make, which may be an important factor when picking a free package. But to many webmasters, the 5 MySQL databases offered on the Byethost hosting plan may be already enough.

Support for subscribers of Byethost’s free website hosting plan is offered via a ticket system. You usually don’t find telephone support with free web hosting services. This is because telephone support is labor-intensive and very costly. It seems the free plan users at Byethost cannot get phone support either. But if you have questions when using their service, you can get help by reading their online knowledge-base, watching their video tutorials and contacting their support using the ticketing system.

What web hosting features are including in the Byethost’s free plan?
Disk space: 1GB
Bandwidth: 50 GB per month
Forced ads: no
Email: yes
Free website builder: yes
FTP account: yes
Individual file size: 10 MB
Domain hosted: 5 add-on domains, 5 parked domains, 5 sub-domains
Free sub-domain name: yes (example:; and several other domains of your choice)
Scripting languages:
MySQL databases: 5
phpMyAdmin: yes
Control panel: VistaPanel
Automatic Script Installer: yes (App like: WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and more)
Customer support: Ticket support, Knowledge-base, Video tutorials
Special requirement: limit 3 hosting accounts per person

The bottom line is that if you want to host your WordPress or Joomla sites for free and don’t want to show forced advertisements on your sites, you should check out the zero cost webhosting plan at By the way, you can only create a maximum of 3 accounts on their site.

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