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by Joe is a web site where internet users can find 5 website hosting plans including 4 paid plans and 1 free web hosting plan. This site operated by Viviti Technologies, Inc., a company based in Canada. If you want to learn more information about this company, you can see their website:

The Jigsy’s free web hosting service is only for people who want to make a simple personal website. So, if you are interested in making an ecommerce website, this free package is not suitable for you, but you can look into their paid hosting plans if you wish.

To help you to find out whether this plan is suitable for you to build a simple website for free, we have summarized the main features of the free website hosting plan offered at and listed them below.

• With this package, you can only host 1 site. If you need the multiple-site hosting feature, you may need look somewhere else or upgrade to their paid packages starting at $7 per month.

• You will get 50 MB disk space. This storage capacity is relatively small. So it is almost impossible for you to use this service to create a media-heavy website since multimedia files are always big in size. But if you only want to setup a very simple site with pure text content, 50 MB may be good enough. Actually they only allow you to make a small website with up to 7 pages.

• The Jigsy free website hosting service comes with unlimited bandwidth. This feature is ideal for creating a site with big monthly data transfer. This unlimited bandwidth should be considered a pro of this hosting plan, since not all the free services provide unmetered data transfer. As you may know, a small data transfer allowance can potentially cause issues if your website becomes extremely popular.

jigsy_com• This Jigsy’s free hosting plan is sponsored by advertisements. This means if you use this service to host your site, you and your readers may see some ads on your site. If you want to remove these ads, you need to upgrade to Jigsy’s paid services.

• The Jigsy free site hosting package is only meant for people building personal websites and it is not meant for people building e-commerce sites. If you intend to setup an e-commerce site to sell stuff online, their free service is not right for you. But their paid services allow you to host both personal and ecommerce sites. If you like their products and services, you can upgrade anyway.

• Jigsy also offers more than 180 website templates for you to create a site you like. When you sign up, you can browse their free themes and pick the one you like.

• During the registration process, you also need to select a free subdomain name for your new site. For instance, your new website may have a web address like But they also allow you to use your own domain name on your site. However, the domain mapping feature is not available for free users.

• Jigsy provides premium customer support only to their paid clients. If you are a free subscriber of the site, you may try to find answers to your questions on their wiki page.

In conclusion, is offering a free webhosting package which is suitable for people who are making simple personal websites.

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One way to know how easy it is to start and host a website on Jigsy is to read unbiased reviews. Of course, you can always give it a try by yourself and judge their service for yourself.

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