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by Joe is a website creating service provider which specifically cater teachers. On this site, teachers can find an easy-to-use site building interface and create their own web sites without using complicated programming languages.

Educatorpages provides both free and fee-based subscription services. If you are a beginner, you may want to try their free service first. If you are an experienced user, you may want to upgrade to the premium plan to get extra features.

As a new user of this site, you can start with the free service. Later, if you like the service and feel you are ready to build a more sophisticated website, you may upgrade then. But obviously the decision is yours. If you don’t like the service or don’t need extra features, you can just enjoy all the basic features at no cost.

Before starting to create your site, you have to sign up first. To create an account on the EducatorPages, you need a valid email address. You should use a permanent email address for registration, since it will be used for communication with you in the future. For instance, if you forget your account password for some reason, you may recover it or reset it using the email you provided. During the process of registration, you also need to choose a username. This username is also a sub-domain name on which will be used as a web address on your teacher site. For instance, if your username is myblog, then the subdomain will be As you may know, the website address is a very important element of a website, so you should choose your username carefully and wisely.

Below you will see the major features included in their free service.

educatorpages.comKey features of the free website creating service provided on
Website builder: yes
Number of webpages: unlimited
Personalized web address: yes
Modify website’s appearance: yes
Price: free

There many reasons that people want to have their own websites on the internet. As a teacher, you may find that it is convenient to have a site online as well. For instance, you can publish all the information about your courses on your site and send your site’s address to your students’ parents so that they can easily find the information on web. In this way, a website can help you to connect with your students or their parents.

You may have already realized how useful a web site is. But building a website from scratch is a tough job. Indeed it is not easy to make a site from scratch even for professionals. But fortunately there are many tools which can make the whole process easier. With the appropriate website building tool such as an easy-to-use website builder, everyone can create their own sites within minutes. EducatorPages offers a website creation tool for your convenience. That is also the reason why it is welcomed by many teachers.

The bottom-line is that educatorpages provides a service for teachers to make their own free websites. If you would like to know how to make a teacher website for free, you maybe want to visit their site for more information.

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