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by Joe is a website offering online forum and/or message board creation services. They have both free and paid services plans. These services are offered by Inc..

The following are some general features of the free forum hosting service on Boardhost.

Type of website: web message board, online forum

Free subdomain name: yes (example: for forum sites; for message boards)

Forced ads: yes

Your own custom domain: not allowed

Upgrade option: yes

Inactivity period allowed: 30 days


Do you want to hold an online discussion? Do you want to have your own web forums or online message boards? If so, you may need the services provided by Boardhost. Their mission is to help internet users to set up and host their own forums and/or message boards quickly and easily at affordable prices.

Here is some information about, Inc., the service provider of this free hosting service. If you are not familiar with this industry, you may not have heard of this company. It has been in business since 1998. Since then, it has served millions of users on the web. This may be the first time you have encountered Boardhost, but if you are a web master, you may be familiar with Flagcounter, a popular online site counter offered by the same company.

boardhost.comAt this website, you can build and host two types of web sites including: forum and online message board. So it is a pretty specialized web creation and hosting service provider.

In total, they are offering 5 paid service plans and 1 free plan. If you want to try their service, you can start with the free plan. The obviously advantage of using it is that it is absolutely zero cost. You don’t need to pay any money to create and host a forum or message board on the internet. That is pretty cool, isn’t it?

What are the disadvantages of using the free hosting service plan at boardhost?

First, you are not allowed to use your own custom domain on your site. You will, instead, get a subdomain or URL on their site as your site’s web address. For instance, when building a free forum, your forum’s web address will be You can name your forum, but it is still a sub-domain not a full domain. When building a message board, the URL you will get is like, which is not even a subdomain. But they do have upgrade options for you if you want to purchase and use your own custom domain on your forum (online message board).

Second, like many other free services online, the free Boardhost service is also sponsored by advertising. They will show their brand or advertisements on your free hosted forum or message board. The reason they have to show ads on your site is that they want to promote their services and generate some ad revenue to cover the bill. If you don’t like these ads, you can only remove them by becoming a paying customer.

Third, they have a policy to remove free hosted sites without any activity for 30 days. This policy is not applicable to paying customers’ sites, of course.

Fourth, the free plan offers only limited hosting capacity. For instance, if you host a free message board, you are not allowed to show up to 2500 posting at the same time. If you purchase a paid service plan, you will get larger hosting capacity.

In summary, if you want to know “where can I set up and host forums or online message boards for free?” you may want to look into Boardhost.

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