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by Joe is a website which provides free blog hosting services. By using their service, you can make small personal websites for free. It is a site owned by Google Inc., the owner of the Google search engine. This company is physically located in Mountain View, CA, USA.

The primary properties of the free blogging service at are as follows:

Number of blogs: 100 blogs per account

Number of posts: unlimited

Bandwidth: not specified

Size of pages: up to 1MB

Picture storage space: up to 1GB (shared with Picasa web)

Free sub-domain: Yes (example:

Your top-level domain: allowed

Forced ads: no

Your ads: allowed

Type of website: personal


This hosting service is very suitable for creating a free blog. That is why most people refer to it as a free blog hosting service.

To create your blog on Blogger, you have to create an account on their site first. Since it is one of Google’s services, if you have already have a Gmail account, or an account with some other Google service, you can log into your existing account and use the  service directly. You do not need to specifically create a new account on this site just for the purpose of blogging.

blogger.comMany new bloggers prefer to start their first blogs on Blogger. There are many reasons why people pick this service as their first blog host over many other online free blogging services such as WordPress and the like.

Firstly, this site provides a pre-built in blogging platform which makes blog creation an easy task. With this WYSIWYG web builder, you can quickly compose a webpage within minutes without using any HTML coding directly. But what makes this blogging platform even flexible and powerful is that it allows you to edit the HTML codes if you have the skill. By editing the codes of the webpage, you will gain more control of your blog or website. You can add new functional elements into your site or you can make your site look better.

Blogger also provides free templates for your blog. If you don’t know how to code a template by yourself, you can choose the one you like from the pre-built templates and apply to your blog for free. But unfortunately, unlike many other free blogging services, Blogger only offers a limited number of free templates.

Another advantage of using this service is that it gives you the control of your site’s domain name. When publishing your blog online, you can use the free sub-domain name of You also have the option to use your own domain name for your new blog. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can buy one directly on their site, or you can make the purchase at other popular domain registrars such as Namecheap, Godaddy, 1and1 and many more.

Unlike other free hosting services, the Blogger’s blog hosting service is not supported by ads. You don’t need to add any ads onto your blog or website in order to enjoy the free service. Instead, they encourage you to monetize your blog with Adsense, a Google service, as well as other third party advertisements. Even though you are allowed to make some money from your blog or website hosted at Blogger by inserting ads and/or affiliate links, you cannot use this hosting service to build an eCommerce site.

There are also many restrictions when using Blogger’s free hosting service. For instance, when hosting your site with this service, you have to make sure the size of the webpage is smaller than 1 MB. The detailed limitations and restrictions can be found at their help center, as well as in the terms of service.

Should you start a blog on Before making your mind up, you should learn all the features of their service, read its reviews written by its users, and make your own judgment.

In conclusion, the free blogging service offered at is suitable for beginners and seasoned bloggers alike to create blogs for free.

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