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by Joe is a company offering weblog hosting services. To cater to different bloggers, they offer both free and paid weblog hosting services. With the Blogetery free blog hosting service, bloggers can have their own WordPress blogs at zero cost.

Here are some main features of the Blogetery free blogging service.
Blog platform: WordPress
Custom domain name: yes
Free WordPress themes: yes
Basic WordPress plugins: yes

The weblog is a type of website on the internet. People can use weblogs to share their opinions and thoughts online. Today, many people have their own personal blogs, and many companies also have blogs for their business. Do you have your own blog? If you don’t, you may want to consider creating one sometime. It is not difficult to set up a blog and it is not expensive to own and run a blog either. Actually, if you want, you can have your own blog online for free. There are many websites providing free blogging services, and Blogetery is just one of them.

What makes Blogetery unique is that it uses the WordPress platform, which might be familiar to many veteran bloggers. WordPress is a well-known open source blogging software. People can download from its official website and use it without purchasing, which is a major reason for its popularity. WordPress is very powerful. You can not only create blogs with WordPress, but also build websites with static pages. In addition, by using plug-ins, you can easily add more functions to your WordPress websites. If you have never used WordPress before, you may want to give it a try.

At, you don’t need to install WordPress by yourself when creating your free blog, since it has been pre-installed. To use their free blogging service, you just need to register an account. Of course, if you need advanced features such as more disk space, premium templates, email support and the like, you can sign up with their paid plans. Their free plan comes with only basic features such as web themes and useful plug-ins. If you just starting to learn how to use WordPress to blog, these things can keep you busy for a while.

One advantage of using the blogging service provided by Blogetery is that you can use your own domain on your site. When signing up, you may get a free sub-domain on their site for your weblog. If you don’t like it, you can change it to your own domain or sub-domain by domain mapping. The custom domain name is a good feature, which is lacking in many free web hosting services, particularly free blogging hosting services. Some of providers will let you use your own domain name with an extra charge; others only allow you to use your sub-domain but not full-domain.

The bottom line is that Blogetery is for people who want to create a free WordPress blog.

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