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by Joe

On, you can find a free blogging service which you can use to set up your own weblog at zero cost. Like many other blogging sites, they offer both free and paid services. New users may want to test their service by subscribing to their free plan; advanced users may upgrade to the paid plan to enjoy premium features. For your information, this blogging site is owned by inc. a US-based company.

If you are interested in their free blogging service, you should read on. Below you will find what you can do on their site as a non-paying user.

How to start a free blog on

1. Create an account. Go to their homepage and click on the yellow button “Sign up and start blogging for free” which can be found right in the middle of the page. On the sign up page, you need to provide your email and choose your password. Verify you’re a human being by completing the Solvemedia Captcha. Before hitting on the “Submit” button, choose a username. On the next page, you need to pick a subdomain name for your new blog which will be on This is a free service. If you want to use a top level domain name on your weblog, you have to pay the $18 annual fee to buy one. Once you have decided on your subdomain name, you are not allowed to change it anymore. Your subdomain should be longer than 4 characters and can contain only letters and numbers. Next you pick a blog title and then create your weblog. On the next page, you will see the comparison table of their free and paid plan. If you don’t need the premium features such as more storage space, ads removal, custom own domain, premium themes and so on, just choose “blog for free” and continue. Before you can log into your account, you have to activate it by clicking the link in the email they sent to you.

2. Sign into your account with your email and password and start to add a new post to your weblog. Basically they are using the WordPress blogging platform. If you are familiar with WordPress, you should find it easy to use the dashboard. In general there are two ways to publish a new post onto your weblog. Firstly, you can use the “quick post” feature. Secondly, you can use the “add new” link in the “Posts” submenu found on the left side. No matter which method you use, don’t forget to hit the “publish” button. screenshotTips:
1. If you like, you can have more than one weblog in your account.
2. You can change your blog’s themes. What you need to do is just to go to “Appearance” and then “Themes”, and you will see a list of available themes that you can choose from.
3. To build a multi-author blog, you are allowed to add more users to your weblog.
4. To track your blog’s stats, you can insert your Google Analytics tracking code.
5. They have a policy of removing inactive blogs. Please see their terms of service for details.
6. Free users are not allowed to monetize their blogs. If you want to make some money from your blog, you have to upgrade to get premium features.
7. Their free blogging service is sponsored by advertisements. So they may show ads on your free blogs.

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