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At, you will find both free and paid web hosting plans. With Angelfire’s free site hosting package, you can build your new web site free-of-charge. This website is operated by Lycos, Inc., which is also the owner of, and was started in 1996.

The following are some features offered by the free webhosting package on

Web storage capacity: 20 Mb
Monthly bandwidth: 1 GB
Free domain/subdomain: NA
Email Accounts: NA
Free Website Builder: Yes
CGI/Perl scripting languages: NA
Support service: help ticket system
Compulsory ads: Yes


Internet sites on the World Wide Web are run on web servers which serve website pages to web browsers. You can run the web server yourself, or you can use a webhosting service offered by a company. Lycos, Inc. is one of these companies. Lycos, Inc., the parent company of Angelfire, is a BBB accredited business and its current rating is “A”.

Both paid and free services are available on this site. You will find advantages and disadvantages to these website hosting plans. Low cost is considered the chief advantage of free services. For instance, eligible customers do not need to pay any money to use Angelfire’s free site hosting package. Insufficient control and versatility, and limited support service, are the main drawbacks of this type of plans. Which type of service plans is appropriate for you depends upon your particular needs.But generally speaking, free website hosting is usually appropriate for people who have tight budgets as well as beginners beginning their first web sites.

This plan is beginner-friendly. If you are new to website building, you may not even know HTML coding. It doesn’t matter. Even you know nothing about the HTML language, you still can learn to build a professional looking website with the drag-and-drop website builder that is provided on for free. This free site building tool is available to all the customers of their web page hosting packages.

When choosing a free hosting service, you should consider several of the features that we’ll be discussing in the next few

Storage space and bandwidth are the most critical attributes of a hosting plan. At this site, 20 MB disk space and 1 GB monthly bandwidth are included in the free hosting package. Usually, the size of your site dictates the storage capacity needed. If you just want to build a small personal website, 20 MB of disk space may be enough. And the number of visitors to your website dictates the amount of bandwidth that you require. You need to estimate how much web traffic you are going to get and do the math to see whether 1 GB bandwidth is enough.

Another essential feature of a web hosting service is customer service. Excellent customer service may help you quickly fix any technical problems that occur when you’re setting up or running your brand-new web site. The perfect kind of customer support is 24/7 telephone support. However, you will find that nearly all free web hosting services do not have full telephone customer support because of cost considerations. Similarly, the phone support on this web site is only available to their paid customers. Customers of their free web page service can only get help through their “help ticket system”. If you use the free webhosting plan, you have to be prepared to wait for a while before your problem will be solved.

Finally, you may like to consider some miscellaneous features such as email and FTP support, and the number of domains/subdomains that can be hosted. For example, many people use FTP to transfer large numbers of files to the web server to quickly set up a new site. At Angelfire, FTP uploading is not supported, as angelfire uses a web browser interface exclusively. Another important feature is email. Email addresses belonging to the new web site may be convenient and desirable to some people. But at Angelfire, customers of their free web space hosting plan will not get any email accounts.

Due to cost considerations, some free plans come with forced advertisements, or limit the types of websites that can be hosted. For example, on Angelfire, they will display their own advertisements, typically as a banner ad or a pop-up ad, on their customers’ free hosted web sites. If the website owner wants to remove the forced ads, he/she has to pay money to upgrade to paid plans including the “Basic” plan and the “THE” plan.

Free webhosting plans are usually provided by companies that also provide paid hosting plans with improved features and support. At, Lycos provides 4 web hosting packages in total. 1 of them is the free hosting plan mentioned above; the other 3 are paid plans. This upgrade option gives customers of the free plan more flexibility. To avoid the hassle of relocating to another server if your site expands beyond the storage and bandwidth limits of the free hosting plan, you can easily upgrade to one of the paid plans with improved storage limits and features.

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Read reviews, compare their hosting plans, and then make your own judgment.

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