Get 50MB Disk Space to Host Your Website for Free

by Joe is a web site where you can find a free website hosting plan with 50 MB disk space. This free web hosting service plan is supported by advertising. For those who don’t want to add compulsory ads to their websites, you may want to check out their pro plan which is a paid plan but is an ad-free.

At the 150M site, you can find both cost-free and fee-based web hosting plans. These plans have different hosting features and associated fees.

The paid plan provided on the 150M website is powered by Bluehost, a pretty popular web host on the internet. If you intend to find a fast and reliable server for your website, you should consider purchasing the paid hosting plan. It is not free so you have to pay the monthly fee. But don’t forget the saying: you pay for what you get. Usually a service with a higher price will come with more functions and better features.

If you are not convinced, let’s compare some features offered in the free plan with those offered in the paid Business plan. The free plan only gives you 50 MB disk space and 1 GB monthly bandwidth. And it also only allows you to use up to 33 MB bandwidth per day. On the other hand, the paid plan gives you unlimited disk storage space and unlimited data transfer. With these unlimited hosting capacities, you can set up a website with huge size and decent web traffic. Think about it, if your site is rich in content and full of engaging multimedia files, it will attract more visitors. When you get more web visitors to your site, your site will generate more revenue, sales, or online exposure for you. If you can properly monetize your website traffic, you can easily recoup what you paid for your website hosting service, can’t you? So what I want to say is if you don’t have a specific reason, you don’t want to save money on web hosting services since they are critical for the success of your website and/or online business. However, this doesn’t mean there is no value in the free site hosting service plans. These free services are useful for people who just start, have a short-term small project and/or have an extremely tight budget. Are you in such a situation?

Main features of the free web hosting plan provided at
Web space: 50 MB
Monthly bandwidth: 1 GB
Daily bandwidth: 33 MB
FTP access: no
Individual file size: 256 KB
Forced ads: yes
File type limitations: yes
Website type limitations: yes
Email: no
MS Front Page Extensions: no
Scripting languages: no PHP, Perl, Python support
MySQL database: no
Customer support: ticket system
New account availability: closed

150m.comWhen you try to sign up with the free website hosting plan, you may find that you are redirected to 20M. The reason for the redirection might be due to the fact that 150M has no new account registration available. These two sites offer free webhosting plans with slightly different features. Make sure you are familiar with them and then sign up if you like. If you don’t like what you see there, you may want to start a new hunt in some other free web hosts. Good luck for your website building project.

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