Free Website Hosting Plan with PHP and MySQL Support

by Joe is a website providing a free web hosting service online. This site is operated by a US-based company, which is partnered with Youhosting.

General features of the free web hosting plan at
Disk space: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
Email accounts: unlimited (POP3/IMAP, but not SMTP)
PHP/MySQL support: yes
FTP accounts: unlimited
Forced ads: no
Customer support: email, online knowledgebase

At, the free hosting plan will allow you to use unlimited storage space on their servers. Still, you cannot take too many resources; otherwise they may disable your account according to their terms of service. As you may know, it is crucial that you think about disk space when picking a web hosting plan. Usually, the size of your web site determines the disk space that you need. Larger sites require larger storage space than smaller websites. Hence you might have to select a hosting service based on what you need. If you plan to create a relatively large site, the 3owl free plan may be right for you.

Unlimited data transfer is also provided with’s free website hosting plan, which is the other upside of this service plan. Let me tell you why. If at all possible, you ought to select free hosting plans with more or unmetered data transfer allowance. That is because if you have a large number of site visitors or data transfers, you will need a large bandwidth. A hosting plan with limited bandwidth may not meet your site’s needs. What makes things even worse is that at some web hosts, your web site may be disabled if you exceed the allocated bandwidth. And if that happens, site visitors will be unable to gain access to your suspended site, which may give them a bad impression of your site.

3owl.comYou will get PHP and MySQL database support with the 3owl free website hosting plan. However, you should examine the features carefully before taking up the offer. For example, you should check out the version of PHP and MySQL support offered if you intend to use these features. For instance, the application you would like to install might require a version of PHP that isn’t available at the server. Also, the number of MySQL databases that you can create may limit the kind of web site you want to build. If you want to host your site built with applications like WordPress, Joomla and phpBB, this information will be important to you.

Email support is also available to users of’s free hosting service. Free hosting providers generally do not provide phone support. This is mainly because phone support is labor-intensive and extremely expensive. Only email or community forum support is available most of the time. That is also the case for 3owl. But before sending them an email, you should check their FAQ section and community forum to see whether you can find answers there. If you have to use the email support they provided, you might need to wait for some time, since it may take them some time to give you a reply.

The bottom line is that may be right for people who are looking for free site hosting with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, email, PHP/MySQL support and no ads. If you want to host your WordPress or Joomla site for free, you may also like this site.

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