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by Joe is a site offering website creation services. These services are owned and operated by ZyNet Ltd., a UK-based company. This company has a long history, as it was founded in 1994.

This site is established to help people to create websites. Basically they offer two options. Firstly, you can hire their professional website developers to build sites. This is particularly useful if you want to completely outsource your website creation. Secondly, they offer a drag-and-drop site builder which allows anyone to build their own websites quickly and easily. They also provide several web hosting plans. Among them, 4 plans are fee-based and 1 is free. These service plans have different prices and hosting features. The free plan might be a good starting point to test their services and the website builder, which is included in all packages.

The main features of the free website building and hosting packages at

Web storage space:  20 MB
 Number of sites:  1
 Number of webpages:  15
 Bandwidth:  1 GB monthly
 Free website builder:  yes
 Forced ads:  yes
 Your own custom domain:  not allowed
 Activity requirement:  182 days
Customer support: email

Do you want to have a website for your personal use or for your small business? If you do, you are not alone. Many people wish to have their own sites on the internet, but most of them have not made a move to create their own websites. Why? Because building a site from scratch seems difficult and technically challenging. Many people simply do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to learn how to code a webpage using HTML. That is why people need a handy website building tool to help them create a site without using any HTML or other programming languages. If you are looking for this kind of do-it-yourself website builder, you may be interested in the one offered at

350.comAt the 350 website, you can sign up for the free package to make a website with their free site builder. The site builder seems very powerful and user-friendly. You can use it to add web content including not only text but also photos and videos. With the help of this tool, building an engaging site should be a snap.

Now, let’s take a look what features are included in the 350’s free package.

With this service, you are allowed to build 1 site with a maximum of 15 webpages. Your website should not take more than 20 MB disk space on their server, and its monthly bandwidth can’t exceed 1GB.

The 350’s free hosting plan is also supported by advertisements. So you will see their ads on your free hosted site. If you don’t want these forced ads displayed on your webpages, you have the option to remove them by upgrading to their paid plans including Lite, Standard, Premium and Platinum.

Unlike some other free web hosts, you are not allowed to use your own custom domain name on your site when using the 350 free service. But they do allow you to purchase this feature, if you really want it.

The bottom line is that offers a free website builder and hosting service. If you want to build a professional looking website within a few minutes and don’t mind seeing some forced ads on your web site, you may like this free website creation service.

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