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by Joe is a website offering a free website hosting service. This site has been in business since 2006, and it is headquartered in US. In 2010, it was acquired by the RocketForce Media Group, the current owner of the 110mb site.

On 110mb, you can find both free and paid web hosting plans. So they serve both paid customers and free customers. If you are just looking for a very basic website hosting plan, you may consider their free hosting plan. If you need more features and supports, you may get their premium plan and become a paid customer.

The following are some major features associated with the free webhosting plan on
• They give you 110 MB disk space and 100 GB monthly data transfer bandwidth.
• They allow unique domain.
• They don’t support MySQL database or PHP sendmail.
• They provide a basic free site builder.
• They will serve ads on your website.
• The tech support is through their community forum.
• They offer installable scripts.
• WordPress, Drupal, Coppermine, osCommerce, MediaWiki, phpBB or ZenCart are not supported in this plan. But they are available in their premium plan.
• Certain types of websites are not allowed. If you want to know whether your site is suitable for using 110 MB free site hosting plan, please see the terms of use on for details.

By signing up with the 110mb free hosting plan, you will enjoy 110MB of disk space and 100 GB of monthly bandwidth. This plan doesn’t support MySQL databases and PHP sendmail. These features are available to their premium members only. It is not suitable for people who intend to use WordPress, Drupal, Coppermine, osCommerce, MediaWiki, phpBB or Zencart. If you need these advanced features to build your website, you can upgrade to their paid premium plan.

If you use their free webhosting plan to host your website, they will add their ads on your website. It is quite common to see free web hosting sites serving their own ads on their customer’s web sites. They will insert a 100mb brand footer link on your website. But they do allow you to add your own ads and run your own business on your website. If you want them to remove their footer link, you have to upgrade to the premium hosting plan.

This web hosting provider offers upgrade options. If you are interested in free website hosting service or want to make a website without paying web hosting fee, you can visit to learn more information. To test their services, you can sign up for their free site hosting service. Later, if you need more features and are satisfied with their services, you can upgrade to the premium hosting plan.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a free webhosting plan with relatively big monthly bandwidth and free website builder, you may want to look into the 110mb website.

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