Get 100 MB Free Webspace with PHP and MySQL

by Joe is offering a free website hosting plan with basic features. This site has a relatively long history and it was launched in 2004. The site’s name is Deluxe Host. Their web server is located in Germany. The service provider’s information can be found on

This free webhosting service is sponsored by advertising but not forced ads. They do show ads on their main page to generate revenue to pay the bill but they don’t put ads on users’ sites. So it is still considered as an ad-free website hosting plan. This may be good news for many webmasters who want to sign up at this site.

To get a new account on this site, you need to choose a username first which will be used in the URL for your webpage. Then you have to provide your full name, email, your site’s language and the description of your site written in English or German. This plan allows you to create websites in any language you want as long as you give them a description of your site in English or German.

Before requesting your account, you should read the terms of service carefully since they have strict rules on how to use your dhost site. Certain types of web content are not allowed. Also, they have a minimum activity requirement for your webpage. If your page cannot get more than 1 hit per week, it will be deleted. So if you want to use this plan to host a webpage for long time, the webpage should be a popular one otherwise it may face the risk of being removed permanently.

The following is a list of major hosting features offered on the Deluxe host free plan. You may want to take a look to see whether they have offered everything you need.

dhost.infoKey features of the free web hosting package provided at
Disk space: 100 MB
Bandwidth: unspecified
PHP/MySQL database: yes, 1 database per account
FTP access: yes
Free URL: yes (example:
Forced ads: no
Your ads: allowed
Type of website: personal, business
Paid services: not available
Domain hosting: no
Activity required: at least 1 hit per week
Number of files for uploading: 10,000
Limit for file size: no
Technical support: online forum

For the list displayed above, you can see this plan will give you 100 MB disk space for free. 100 MB space is not much and it may not be enough for you to host a large site. If you feel 100 MB is not enough for your site building project, you may ask them to give you more webspace by posting a request on their forum. Another way to get extra 300 MB storage space is to like them on Facebook. This might be a time limited offer only.

This plan is compatible with PHP/MySQL scripts. If you need them to create your website, you may be glad to find what you need. For each account, 1 MySQL databse is allowed.

When using this plan, you can upload your files to the web server using FTP client. There is no limit for the size of the files you can upload. But there is a limit for the number of files that you can upload. The number of uploaded files should not be more than 10,000.

Their technical support is offered through their forum. You can post your questions or find answers to your question on the dhost’s forum.

In summary, if you want to get 100 MB free webspace and a hosting service supporting PHP and MySQL, you may want to learn more about

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