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by Joe is a web host providing a series of web services including a free shared plan. This free plan is particularly good for people to start their blogs and/or small business websites with. It is also a good opportunity for consumers to test Agilityhoster’s web services.

First, let’s take a look what is included in the free shared web hosting plan offered by Agilityhoster.

It gives you 1 GB web space and 5 GB monthly data transfer for free. As mentioned above, these features should be suitable for webmasters to set up a small website. For building a huge site or a fast-growing site growing, you may need a hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth and/or disk space. And these features are available on Agilityhoster’s paid plans. If you start as a free user on the site, you can upgrade to their paid plans anytime you want. That is very convenient.

This free plan allows users to host only 1 domain and 2 subdomains. For people who would like to host multiple domains on the same web hosting account, they may not think this plan fits their needs. However, we know there are other free plans offered by other web hosts coming with unlimited domain hosting. But those plans may be lacking of other features offered with this plan.

agilityhoster.comUsers can use FTP client to upload files to their sites when using this plan. Each user will get 1 FTP account only. And the maximum file size which can be uploaded is 2 MB.

When using this plan, users also get limited email service. Each user will get 1 email account. This email service is relatively good compared to those offered with other free website hosting packages. It has virus protection and SPAM protection. It supports webmails, POP3 and IMAP access. However, users can only get limited SMTP support. They are only allowed to send up to 30 emails per month.

The agilityhoster’s free plan supports many scripts including PHP5, Perl, CGI, GD. It supports phpMyAdmin and MySQL database as well. Each user will get only 1 MySQL database which has up to 20 MB storage space. These features make it possible for users to use it building a WordPress or Joomla website.

If you would like to create a WordPress or Joomla site with this free hosting plan, you may be also glad to know it has the Zacky installer wizard. This tool can help you install your app easily.
On the agilityhoster site, free users can get help from their customer support by live chat, ticket system and online documentation.

Key features of the free website hosting plan provided at
Web space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: 5 GB
Number of domain hosted: 1
Number of subdomains: 2
Number of FTP account: 1
Maximum file size for uploading: 2 MB
Free subdomain: yes
Number of email: 1 (webmail, POP3, IMAP, SMTP)
Scripting languages: PHP5, Perl, CGI, GD
Database: MySQL
Activity requirement: 12 months
Customer support: Live chat, online documentation, ticket system

In conclusion, is offering a 1 GB shared web hosting plan for free which can be used to make WordPress or Joomla website.

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